An estimated 250 people were at Kokopellis in Troy when police responded to a report of a man being assaulted.  The reports of what happened next vary, but eight police officers were injured and six people were arrested.

Officers say they were kicked, punched, even pummeled and then the contents of a fire extinguisher were blown through the bar.

Others say police went too far, hitting one man when he was already down. Police have a broken patrol car window as evidence. At least one person has posted to Youtube video of a man on his knees being hit by someone identified as a police officer.

Click here to see the video on Youtube, and we caution the profanity in the video.

Troy Mayor Lou Rosamilia initially said he would hold a news conference to discuss the matter, but later cancelled, saying he would issue a statement.  That statement released at 5pm reads as follows:

"The events that occurred at Kokapellis night club during the early morning hours of Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014 are currently under investigation.

Authorities are currently acquiring and reviewing the evidence, including all video footage and witness statements.  The situation over the last 72 hours remains fluid and more information becomes available each day.

When officers arrived at 2:45 a.m. to Kokapellis to answer a report of an employee being assaulted, they were faced with aggressive behavior.

Pepper spray was being used by patrons, glass bottles were thrown at officers, a fire extinguisher was discharged and a garbage can was thrown into a patrol car.

This afternoon, I met with Police Commissioner Tony Magnetto, Chief John Tedesco, Assistant Chief George Vanbramer, Deputy Chief Buddy McAvoy and Captain John Cooney.

Although we are in the early stages of the investigation, preliminary evidence indicates that our police department, in an effort to gain control of an out-of-control situation, used necessary force in order to make arrests and protect themselves and others.

Let us not forget, eight Troy Police officers were injured and six of them were treated at the hospital.

A total of six other police agencies responded in order to provide assistance and I thank them for their work in bringing the situation under control.

We were very lucky that the incident ended without further violence and more severe injury to anyone. 
A detective has been assigned to the case and the investigation will continue.

This is not the image of the City that we want to portray. This is not Troy."