Andy and Mike talked with FOX Sports Radio MLB Insider, Seth Everett this morning. Seth talked about the Cubs hiring of Manny Ramirez as a Minor League Player/Coach but says Manny's past steroid use isn't why he's a bad guy.

Seth Everett: "(Cubs G.M.) Theo Epstein knows Manny from his hay day and they made eachother a lot of money. I think there's a loyalty factor here... It's a weird thing. To me, he's one of the bad guys. Not just because of steroids, I'm not judging steroids. He pushed a traveling secretary into the ground... He pushed a grown man into the ground and rather than suspend him, (The Red Sox) traded him to the Dodgers... And I just thought that was an obnoxious thing. It was a bad play by the Red Sox, it was even worse by Manny... And that to me I'll remember him for. Which is a shame, because he really is the best right handed hitter of my generation."