The Michigan State Spartans head coach tells Daybreak that the idea of paying college athletes, should be kept at the professional level.

Tom Izzo: "How would it be enforced and how would it really happen? Because it's not basketball players getting paid or football. It's all 700-800 athletes... I'm not sure it'd be healthy.

I'm all for kids getting a little more and having some money in their pockets. But I just want to make sure these kids are spending it the right way too... There's a lot of problems, a lot of distractions out there... I know this - I'm a better person because I had to work at a young age and I came from nothing, and my father had his own business so you started working when you were 12 or 13. That's not a bad way to go either and sometimes I think we're trying to skip the process a little bit there... I'm all for players getting some money to make sure they're taken care of... But this thing about just paying players outright, to me that's what professional sports are for."


Photo: Getty Images