Green Bay Packers LB AJ Hawk joined Jay Mohr Sports on Friday before their Wildcard playoff game against the 49ers and said that despite the -30 below wind chill that's expected at Lambeau Field, he's not worried ......

Mohr: How do you feel about playing in the cold weather? Do you hate it or are you used to it? 


Hawk: I just ran off the field and it’s pretty chilly here today. I think they told us it’s probably going to get 15 degrees colder than it is today. It’s something you can’t ever completely get used to it but, yeah, we can work on it. It’s going to be cold for both teams..."   


Mohr: Do you hate it?


Hawk: No, I don’t hate it. But I don’t think guys sit here and just want it to be negative 50, you know? It’s not something that we wish for. We deal with it. We get paid a lot of money to play a game, so why not? Let’s see who’s tougher and let’s go out there and have some fun".