FOX Sports 1 NFL Analyst and former NFL Super Bowl LB Brendon Ayanbadejo joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday after his good friend Michael Sam announced he was gay...He told us that while he doesn't think his draft stock will be affected, he understands why some might be concerned

Mohr: I think Michael Sam's draft stock is going to (unfortunately) plummet, would you agree with that?

Ayanbadejo: I can’t necessarily agree with that, but I can agree with the concern for it. First and foremost he’s a football player, he’s an American, he’s African-American, he’s a Mizzou graduate, a Texan. There are so many things that he is, before he's a gay guy. So what did he do? He went out there and became the SEC defensive player of the year. So for him to go into the draft and potentially not be drafted because he is gay......all of the sudden we are going to have a big fiasco on our hands that’s going to be a nightmare for the NFL. But, he is going to go to the combine and crush 225 lbs (on the bench press), he’s going to crush his 40 time and his interviews. He's going to show pro teams that he can handle this , that he is the right guy (for them) and that this is the right time to go into that locker room and make the team better. He came out and let the world know he is gay, now the teams have to go out there and do the right thing and draft the player that they need and Sam should be one of those players.