New Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong joined Jay Mohr Sports on Thursday and we asked if he felt the criticism of him not dealing with the media well was justified and if he handled leaving Louisville the right way.

Mohr: "The only knock on you that we hear is that your not that good with the media, if that’s true, then why the hell are you here (laughing)"? 

Strong:  "It comes down to people don’t really know you until your placed in that position and I know at the end of the day, it's all about just developing players and about recruiting players. There are a lot of obligations and appearances. I'm gonna do the work I need to do with the media and do the appearances, but at the end of the day, I need to develop and recruit players".  

Mohr: "Does it bother you that your former Louisville players were so upset that they took to social media (to express their anger) when you left for this job"?

Strong:  "I didn’t handle it right and Louisville was great to me; the whole city embraced me and my family.  When I left the players were on Christmas break, so I didn’t get a chance to contact all of them. When you develop a relationship with players and you become not only a father figure but a mentor to them a counselor for them, there is so many hats you wear as a coach and when you leave, because of those relationships, it's hard on them and a lot of the players want to make a comment in the heat of the moment. But, I told them there is going to be adversity in your life, and you have someone to turn to, and (even) with me leaving you still have someone you can make a phone call to. And that I'll do whatever I can do to make your life pleasant and successful".