NFL on FOX's Daryl "Moose" Johnston joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday to recap the Divisional Weekend and despite Andrew Luck's 4-INT game against New England, he's still sold on him as a star going foward.

Mohr: "With Andrew Luck seven picks in two playoff games, are these just two bad games? Or are we overselling Andrew Luck as far as an elite quarterback"?


Johnston:  "No, I don’t think we're overselling him. I think he is still in his second year.  As advanced as he is and as much success as he has had the first few years, he’s still learning. The thing to me that's odd...some of the interceptions are just mindboggling. When you see the coverage and what he should have seen from the pocket, you’re wondering why he made that throw.  I’ve been impressed with him since he has come into the league and he'll be fine".