White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough joined Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday to chat about the NCAA Tournament.

After hearing how big fantasy football is in the White House, Jay wanted to know he could get in their league.

Mohr: Is there a fantasy baseball or football league in the White House and how do I get in?

McDonough: There are, both, and what I do is work this through Rafael Lemaitre (Communications Director) in my office, because I don’t know how you get in. Once I became Chief of Staff, I don’t have time for it anymore (laughing).

Mohr: Oooohhh mister fancy pants, I don’t have time anymore, I am running the entire White House, and I'm the Chief of Staff (laughing)!!!

McDonough: Believe me this isn’t fancy pants, you don’t want to wear these pants, you know what I mean. I wish I was still doing fantasy football (laughing)!!

Mohr: If there is a fantasy baseball or football league in this White House, with you, Rafael, whoever, I want in!!!!