Tennessee Titans DB Jason McCourty joined Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday after his new coach Ken Whisenhunt was hired and we wanted to know if he felt they needed more of a defensive presence after former coach Mike Munchak was fired.

McCourty:  "It really doesn’t matter…you got your offensive and defensive coordinators that you are going to be involved with a little more than your position coaches. So, I don’t really think it matters. Maybe sometimes those plays in practice may go towards the offensive side a little bit more". 

Mohr: "Certinaly you want to welcome your new coach, but, obviously you want to reach out to Mike Munchak but, it's got to be an awkward conversation...."

McCourty: “It’s definitely tough…in this business it’s bound to happen in some fashion every year. We always say that our business changes every year and no one team is going to be exactly the same the next. So, whether it’s player or coaches, there’s always gonna be some type of change. You hate to see Coach Munch (Munchak) go…a great coach, a better person…but you've got to move on and be able to adjust to whatever the organization does".