Detroit Tigers closer Joe Nathan joined Jay Mohr Sports on Wednesday and we asked him about Clayton Kershaw's upcoming potential monster deal and who he thinks is now the best closer in baseball

Mohr:  "We get news  this morning that Clayton Kershaw might get  up to a new $300 million deal. Is Kershaw worth that much"?

Nathan:  "The question really is.....Is anybody really worth that much, but I guess in our sport as far as pitchers go, he is definitely the cream of the crop. He's been nothing but spectacular. So if anybody is worth it in this game, he definitely is a top of the list".

Mohr:  "Now that Mariano Rivera has retired, who in your opinion is the greatest closer in baseball"?

Nathan:  "I’ll jump on the (Craig) Kimbrel bandwagon. He is a young guy and doing great things. Hopefully, he can stay healthy and keep doing what he’s doing, and maybe push that record that Mariano threw out there".