Michigan State University Men's Head Coach Tom Izzo joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday and we asked him how he avoids having his players leaving after one season and also why college coaches talk to the media.

Mohr: We've seen a lot of one and done teams bounced from the tournament. How do you get your guys to come back? You get NBA star quality players year in and year out, yet you don’t really seem like a one and done school. What do you say to these kids to keep them committed?

Izzo: I don’t get as many as you think, otherwise they would be gone. I do it the old fashioned way… I get down on my hands and knees and beg for my kids longevity that they stick around. Like with Adriean Payne and Gary Harris… they have good families, people behind them. Thank God a lot of middle men didn't get in the way. 95% of the guys should be sticking around longer than they are sticking around. Whatever that means....one and done, two and done, three and done, it seems like people want to leave a year or two early. I see so many kids fall by the wayside, but to each his own… I think John Calipari has his own niche… It’s different than 90% of us.… You get in this five-year program, four and five year players that are staying with the program are still pretty good. They just end of beating people that don’t have as much experience.

Mohr: If you’re the head coach of Michigan State, why do you talk to any media? There is nothing to sell…You’re Tom Izzo of Michigan State, what do you need me for?

Izzo: We like you here…and when we’re on, you treat us the right way. The best reason I can give you is my old boss, Judd Heathcote… he always said something to me when I asked him why he treated the media so good when they were threatening to fire him. He said 'remember everyone has a job, everybody has a boss and a family to feed'. What I would like everyone to do is have an educated opinion, and I think you have an educated opinion.