San Antonio Spurs C Matt Bonner tells Jay Mohr Sports the secret to the Spurs sustained success.

Mohr: “Which title was better, the first or second?”

Bonner: “Second title….easy.”

Mohr: “Why?”

Bonner: “After what happened last year, coming 30 seconds short of winning the championship and not knowing if you’re ever going to have another opportunity to do so and then come back from the worst loss of everyone on our team’s career and win it this year, makes it that much sweeter.”

Mohr: “We saw Uruguay’s Luis Suarez in the World Cup yesterday bite an Italian guy, have you ever been bitten on the court?”

Bonner: “What?! (laughter)”

Mohr: “You didn’t know that?”

Bonner: “No, I didn’t.”

Mohr: “Yeah, Luis Suarez from Uruguay just took a bite out of an Italian dude. It was the third time he’d done it.”

Bonner: “Did he get a red card for that?”

Mohr: “No! Nothing! No yellow, no foul at all! But they might suspend the guy for two games or forever, nice of FIFA to really drop the hammer on somebody.”

Bonner: “Did the guy who got bit, get carried off in a stretcher?”

Mohr: “No, the guy pulled his shirt down, so you could see his shoulder, and he was yelling at the ref, ‘look he bit me! Look at the bite marks!”

Bonner: “You know if they put the $5,000 flop rule in soccer, FIFA would be richer than they already are.”