3-Time NBA Champ and former Laker Rick Fox joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday.....We got his thoughts on Mark Jackson's future in Golden State and who he'd hire to replace Mike D'Antoni in Los Angeles.

Mohr: “Mark Jackson and the ownership of the Golden State Warriors -- is there a problem there?”

Fox: “I think it’s real. There have been a lot of issues this season and where there is smoke there is fire. He’s done a really good job this year with that team considering the injuries and expectations and how difficult the Western Conference was…..George Karl had the best season in Nuggets history last year and got fired. Lionel Hollins took the had a strong season for the Grizzlies last year and got fired. Owners aren’t gun shy any longer about making a change if they feel the collaboration is off.”

Mohr: “If you’re the GM of the Lakers, who are you hiring?”

Fox: “I’m hiring George Karl.”