Chelsea Handler Concludes Her Podcast With Life Lessons And Chicken Nuggets

Chelsea Handler Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

Chelsea Handler Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

On this episode of Life Will Be The Death Of Me, Chelsea Handler wraps up the 20-episode series with an “exit interview” conducted by her assistant, Brandon. Over spicy and regular chicken nuggets (from Wendy’s, never McDonald’s), they reflect on the changes Chelsea has made in her life since beginning therapy. “I think the biggest difference is that I enjoy my time alone more than I ever have in my life,” Chelsea says. “I used to not be able to hang out alone. I wanted people in my house all the time...So the biggest difference is that...I don’t need noise as much as I used to. It’s a relief.” They talk about how her relationships with people and her dogs have improved, what she still needs to work on, how frequently Brandon has seen her naked, eating too many edibles to remember what happened on their TV shows, and more.

Chelsea’s talked at length on her podcast about her therapist, Dr. Dan Siegel, who helped her manage her anger and impatience by teaching her empathy and meditation. Brandon points out that she’s been seeing him for two years, but doesn’t go as often anymore, and Chelsea says she thinks it’s important to see your therapist less over time. “You get all this information, and then you need to learn how to apply it to your real life without being in a codependent relationship with your therapist. I don't want to be the type of person that's calling Dan on the phone in a crisis. I want to be able to manage my own crisis.” Plus, she says she feels more in control now than before; “for a long time I had a superiority complex,” she admits. “Dan kind of took that away from me. He made me understand…’We’re all equal. You’re not doing more than another person. You don’t have more of a burden than another person.’...once I got on an even playing field...then I started to get real, and then you feel really I have my head on straight.” 

She’s still working on her social media obsession, though, which she thinks is very unhealthy. “I want to be engaging with my fans. That’s important to me,” she says, but sometimes she feels “tied to her screen” as if “it’s doing me, I’m not doing it...Like the cannabis, I don’t want cannabis to do me; I want to do cannabis. I don’t want alcohol to do me; I want to do alcohol. I want to be in control of all the extracurricular activities.”

Chelsea turns the tables on Brandon for a minute, pointing out that he probably didn’t expect to be “podcasting so fervently.” Brandon agrees: “You were literally out the door to go interview Mary [McCormack] and said, ‘Brandon, come along,’” he laughs. “I thought I was just coming along for the ride, not to actually be on the podcast. Lo and behold, 20 episodes later.”

But Brandon isn't the only throughline they’ve noticed; for a moment, when discussing pork rinds, Brandon mentions how frequently they’ve managed to discuss feces on this podcast (any episode with the shaman, the time Chelsea made an ex think he had s**t the bed; even Sean Hayes told a turd story when he was a guest). “Bringing it back to s**t for the last episode makes sense,” Brandon says, and Chelsea replies, “That's all I ever talk about is feculence, feculence and s**t.” 

But of course there’s so much more to talk about than that. Join Chelsea and Brandon to hear more about the lessons Chelsea has learned about empathy and patience, how she got back into stand-up, the many perks of Brandon’s job, and more on the last episode -- for now! -- of Life Will Be The Death Of Me

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