Basketball Coach Shoots Father In Dispute About Son's Playing Time

A New York City basketball coach has been arrested after he allegedly shot the father of one of his player's following a dispute over the child's playing time. The incident happened last month, but the victim, Christopher Hooks, was unable to tell police what happened because he had been shot in the neck.

Paul Robeson High School basketball coach Todd Myles told police that Hooks stopped by his home to discuss his son's lack of playing time and that during their conversation a third person showed up and shot them both before fleeing.

When Hooks was able to speak, he told police what really happened the night that he was shot. He said during the conversation, Myles drew a gun and shot him. He said that nobody else was at Myles' home at the time.

Myles was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder, assault and criminal use of a firearm.

The New York Department of Education said that when they learned of the "shocking allegations" against Myles, he was "immediately reassigned."

"These are incredibly shocking allegations. We immediately reassigned Mr. Myles away from students, and we'll work to remove him from payroll as soon as legally possible. We are providing support to the school and are working with the NYPD throughout this investigation."