The Bills Face The Patriots With A Chance To Erase 20 Plus Years Of Misery

The Buffalo Bills haven't won the AFC East in 25 years, so long ago that the last time they won there were five teams per a division and the Bills, Jets, Pat, and Dolphins shared a division with the Indianapolis Colts. Over the last 20 years of the Brady/Belichick have been some of the most brutal in Bills history having won only five of the last forty meetings since 2000. Come Sunday could be the beginning of the healing process for Bills fans, as the Bills host the Patriots with a chance to take a 3 1/2 game lead over the Patriots and unofficially slaying the greatest dynasty in NFL history. Of course that is to say with Tom Brady in Tampa and the Patriots having nine more games to play, still for one day the felling of a healing process could begin for Bills fans.

Photo: Getty Images