Goz's Top 25 College Football Poll (Week 2)

 After both Week 0 and Week 1 action in college football, Goz has some shake-ups in this his college football poll this week.

1 Georgia

2 Michigan

3 Florida State

4 Ohio State

5 Alabama

6 Utah


8 Penn State

9 Notre Dame

10 Texas

11 Oregon State

12 Tennessee

13 Washington

14 Oregon

15 Texas A&M

16 North Carolina

17 Kansas State

18 LSU

19 Tulane

20 Clemson

21 Wisconsin

22 Duke

23 Colorado

24 Ole Miss

25 Oklahoma

Will there be a new #1 next week?-YES!. The winner of Texas-Alabama this week will be my new #1 team in the country. The matchup between two top teams will be the most impressive victory of any team in college football so far this season. Despite Georgia being the most talented team, I determine my top 25 rankings but what teams have accomplished so far that season so look for the Longhorns or Crimson Tide to be the number one squad.

Florida State is at 3? Shouldn't they be #1 with your theory above-I understand the point of Florida State beating a ranked LSU team Week 1, however LSU did not look like a team that may continue to stay in the Top 25. I've been a fan of this Florida State team including picking them to win the ACC and advance to the college football playoff. If Florida State starts this season 4-0, which seems more likely after Clemson's loss, the Seminoles are likely to be the #1 team in the country by October.

What about Colorado and Duke?- I know this isn't the most popular answer BUT I feel more confident in Duke being in the polls longer than Colorado. Duke has shown in more recent years to have more success. There is a lot of hype around Coach Sanders' team. Let's see what the Buffs can do this weekend against Nebraska.

Tom "Goz" Goslowski covers college football from Division 1 to Division 3 across Upstate New York. Goz has represented New York's Capital Region as a Heisman Trophy voter since 2015. This season, Goz will also be voting on these college football accolades College Football Hall of Fame Bronko Nagurski Award Outland Trophy Award Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award  

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