Goz's Top 25 College Football Poll (10/9/23)

1 Georgia

2 Michigan

3 Florida State

4 Ohio State

5 Oklahoma

6 Washington

7 Oregon


9 Penn State

10 Texas

11 Alabama

12 North Carolina

13 Louisville

14 Ole Miss

15 Oregon State

16 Utah

17 Duke

18 LSU

19 Tennessee


21 Washington State

22 Kentucky

23 Notre Dame

24 Air Force

25 Miami

What about that Oklahoma could be #1 take from last week?- Well things happened on the way to the Sooners may be being #1. Yes Oklahoma deserves a lot of credit for the win. They are now in the top five in the country. However with how well Georgia, Michigan and Florida State looked I just couldn't move the Sooners any higher than five. Next week it's possible Oklahoma can leap over Ohio State. But for now the Sooners stay at five.

Miami at #25?!- Almost eight weeks into the weekly poll rankings and Miami this week has been the most difficult team to figure out. They 100% should have beat Georgia Tech. If they take a knee, they win the game. So because of a bad coaching decision, they should drop that much? A loss is a loss but it was tough to not even move Miami this week.

    Tom "Goz" Goslowski covers college football from Division 1 to Division 3 across Upstate New York. Goz has represented New York's Capital Region as a Heisman Trophy voter since 2015. This season, Goz will also be voting on these college football accolades College Football Hall of Fame Bronko Nagurski Award Outland Trophy Award Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award  

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