Goz's Top 25 College Football Poll (11/6/23)

1 Georgia

2 Washington

3 Michigan

4 Florida State

5 Ohio State

6 Texas

7 Oregon

8 Alabama

9 Ole Miss

10 Louisville

11 Penn State

12 Oregon State

13 Tennessee

14 Oklahoma State

15 Oklahoma

16 Utah

17 LSU

18 James Madison

19 Kansas

20 Tulane

21 Missouri

22 Arizona

23 Fresno State

24 Liberty

25 Notre Dame

How did Washington get to #2?- The term "eye test" is always argued with fans and media members and rightfully so. I'm willing to take the criticism that eye test plays a part in this leap for the Huskies. Washington goes out and beats USC. Is that a better win than anything Georgia has done? No. What about Ohio State, Michigan? I'd say Ohio State's win over Penn State is comparable but did this weekend's Buckeyes look better than the Huskies? Did Florida State against a bad Pittsburgh team look like a top five team? The Huskies deserve this spot at #2.

You predicted chaos, this poll is the wildest one of the season!- It really is with some teams moving up to 6-8 spots along with Oklahoma State jumping from 25 to 14! There is a lot of movement but for at least the second time this season, it's discouraging that teams 11-25 are not likely playing for a championship. 2023's season would have been great for 2024's expanded playoff.

Tom "Goz" Goslowski covers college football from Division 1 to Division 3 across Upstate New York. Goz has represented New York's Capital Region as a Heisman Trophy voter since 2015. This season, Goz will also be voting on these college football accolades College Football Hall of Fame Bronko Nagurski Award Outland Trophy Award Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award

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