6-20-24 Hour 3

6-20-24 Hour 2

Top 4 at 4 includes Goz remembering how to count to 4...
Levack is upset Goz didn't invite him to his son's birthday party
Trevor Lawrence and Play of the Day 

6-20-24 Hour 1

Lakers find their next head coach
Recapping storylines of Yankees-O's
Gambling issues and Goz WWE references 

6-18-24 Hour 3

Levack addresses the social media rumors about an AFL teamGet ready for this local challenge involving local front office membersThe Dump features Levack on dating and Goz's rant about WWE

6-18-24 Hour 2

Top 4 at 4 includes MLB and Stanley Cup
How are the Mets finding ways to win?
Play of the Day 

6-18-24 Hour 1

Celtics win 2024 championship. A hard team to discuss?
Yankees vs O's series begins with return of Cole
Goz's update on Gerry McNamara interview 

6-17-24 Hour 3

The New York Mets are... alive?!
Albany Firebirds lose to Orlando. What happened thoughts on regular season and playoff scenarios
The Dump features Syracuse Mets, Hydration rules, Father's Day and a shout out to a New York State Broadcasters Hall of fame inductee

6-17-24 Hour 2

Top 4 at 4 includes UFC talk and MLB schedule
Previewing Game 5 of NBA Finals
Play of the Day 

6-17-24 Hour 1

The Red Sox out run the Yankees and put themselves into AL Wild Card contention
Aaron Rodgers out because of this?!
UFL is over and Tom Brady makes broadcasting debut 

6-14-24 Hour 3

Albany Firebirds broadcaster Andrew Santillo
Albany Firebirds head coach Damon Ware
"AFL" expert, MLB insider and Locked on Guardians podcast host Justin Lada